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Place: My Office

Poison: Water

Least Favourite Thing!: 42 degree heat with sunburn!

Its a scorcher here in Perth today and yesterday we went out on a yacht on the swan river and I got sunburnt accross one patch in the middle of my back, where I couldn’t quite reach to get cream there. Ouch…42 degree’s outside, 57 degrees on my back!

Anyways, I am having a whinge about SPAM.

I want to know which individual, what crazy person, actually thinks that spam will actually do something good for their company. WHO ARE YOU?

Email is such a privelege and in the land of event management, a massive time saviour! However the junk that flips through my inbox is enough to make a saint turn less saintly! Enough to make a kiwi fruit turn purple and Country music turn cool!

What is happening to our world, when crazy emails bomb your inbox with madness and obsessive craziness…But worst of all, they mean nothing.

Whomever you are out there…GET A LIFE!!



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  1. Well said my friend…Ummm purple kiwi fruit? maybe that could be a marketing idea I could take on over here! Love you buddy,

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