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the pursuit of happyness

Place: Mum’s

Poison: Diet Coke

Favourite Things: Lazy Sunday Arvo’s

This is one movie I have been hanging to watch on the miriad of planes I have been recently on, but no avail!

So this afternoon, I laid on Mum’s couch and prepared myself for some crying. This movie was so tense throughout its whole duration, that I questioned whether it was a chill out zone.

The 85 mins of stress, was magnified by the 5 mins of crying and happiness at the end. This movie is so inspiring, yet it troubled me deeply. I cannot believe I walk past people who live on the streets with nonchalance, believing their predicament is because of their own mismanagement of funds, or mostly because of substance abuse.

In an age with  6 billion people on the planet and billionaires like Bill Gates (i know he gives away most of what he earns) have a net worth of trillions, it spins me out that most of the nations of the world, live below the poverty line.

If we just shared what we have… If first world nations cleared the debt owed to them by 2nd and 3rd ones. If we individually and corporately just gave generously I know we could make a difference.

I am passionate about making poverty history in my own lifetime and passionately believe that no child should have to live on the streets. EVER!

If the pursuit of happyness for some is just to be able to provide a roof over a childs head, then how spoilt am I!

Never have I had the heart wrenching night of not being able to provide for my family. I hope someday I will, because only then will I truly understand what it means to be filled with joy from the essence of life, rather than the numbed out existence of materialism that we mostly don’t even know we enjoy.



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