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livin on the edge…

Place: My Office

Poison: Cinnamon Altoids

Favourite Things: Child in charge doco…

The last few days have been quite amazing and manic all in one. We had a surprise Party for Kym on friday night. Which ended up not really being a surprise because she read the email telling people about it (Mental note, sending emails with the party information on it, with a title TOP SECRET, is not the best for someone who is very curious)

Then yesterday at IMAX  in northbridge we held the documentary launch for Kym and Bryces doco called ‘Child in Charge’. It was breathtaking.

We held a art exhibition raising funds for Rwanda, the art was amazing and of course there was the first screening of the documentary.

I cried, laughed but was mostly so proud of my friends who went out on a very thin line to create this movie. They had had little sleep in the last month and have just run so hard to do this amazing feat.

I love creativity that lives on the edge. Its not safe and measured and full of caution. There is nothing worse than seeing someone live their life careful. I would prefer to live a creative life on the edge and then stuff up a few times, than live my life careful.

So for all those parents out there who constantly drill into their kids ‘Be careful, Be careful’ Do you actually know what you are drilling into them?

Live scared! Live measured! Live CARE-FULL, which translates to full of cares. Creativity and living the life you were created to, is not specific and matter of fact. Its organic, risky and powerfull.

Live on the edge…

Do it afraid.


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