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Place: My Office

Poison: Water

Favourite Things: life…

The last few days with Kym in town has been very crazy. In response to my craziness, there has not been much journalling happening in the normally prolific writing life of Amanda Powell.

It made me think though, who am I actually writing for…

There are parts of my journalling that are purely processing. Venting my spleen, getting it out there, theraputically letting it flow, so my nearest and dearest dont get an ear full.

Then there are those poetic moments, when pen hits the paper and I romantically fantasise over the generations to come and who out of my family will get their hands on my writings, musings and general dribble.

Then there are divine moments, when I have a life changing thought or moment, normally about me, love, friendships, life and God. They are few and far between, but are noteworthy.

But mostly my journalling is a bundle of words put together, to help me maintain focus on what is essential about life and what is not. Whomever said it was imperative that there was a time of day, a season of ‘rightness’, a form of paper, a particularity of pen, I believe are so bound by rules that they lose the essence of what great writing is about.

Journalling is all about connecting your heart, mind and emotions, through the power of communication.

Journalling for me is theraputic, but not a religion.

Freedom comes, when you forget who you are writing for…



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