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Place: My Office

Poison: Diet Coke

Favourite Things: White Leather travel bag


Today has been one of the cruisiest event days in years. Normally the day of an event, is filled with stress, many phone calls, last minute problems and craziness.

However, my team has grown so much in the past year and have done such an amazing job of arranging the finer details of the event.

This event is a special one. Hundreds (750 2night) of blokes in one room. Beer, hot dogs, fart jokes, chips, bands, blowing stuff up, marriage man. Its our fourth one of its kind, but I’ll never get used to the strange feeling of being one of the only women in the room.

Unfortunatly for me, I don’t enjoy it. In fact each event I am overwhelmed by the feeling of self conciousness, when I am not really the self concious type. Being surrounded by hundreds of guys is actually really scary for women.

Not sure whether it is the testosterone, the lack of galiantry, the smell…Not sure.

I so wish though, I could walk away feeling encouraged, not gawked at, or even paid attention to, because the night is absolutely not about us. But the confusion for me is, why don’t women walk away from encounters with men feeling secure and okay about themselves.

Not sure about this one, but am longing to be surrounded by men, friends and lovers who create a safe environment where we (women) feel okay about ourselves and who we are.



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