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grey’s anatomy

Place: My Office

Poison: Water

Favourite Things: Fresh Eggs from my ma…

My friend Gai passed onto me a Dvd of grey’s anatomy because since shifting to a new time slot of Sunday nights, I have not been able to get my weekly fix.

I’m not a huge fan of television, but since Kym (my bestest friend) has shifted back home, I have had a big hole in the social architecture of my life and tv seems to have been filling it!

Grey’s anatomy is such a great show. The primary theme in each episode reflects the main anthem of my generation. Am I good enough? Does somebody/ anybody notice me? Guilty or not guilty…

One show that I watched late last night really impacted me about father’s and daughters. The protaganist of the show Meredith Grey continually was bumping into her estranged Father and it meant she had to deal with this demon from the past. Then George (the soft, cuddly, everybodies his friend doctor) was grappling with the heart wrenching effect of a life time of damage on his fathers body and his consequential death.

Grey’s Anatomy, although just a show captures the heart of a generation and aptly reflects struggles that plauge my everyday.

Why do we get drawn into the stories of others…



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