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leadership summit

Place: Qantas Club

Poison: White Chardonney

Favourite Things: $10 shoes…

I have spent the last couple of days with Event Managers, Producers and Tech Directors of the Global Leadership Summit. It has been really inspiring.

For some reason I have been more homesick than normal and am hanging to be in beautiful Perth, some time very soon. The inspiration of a group of people who think beyond themselves and live to create events that inspire others is a constant form of inspiration for me.

Leadership is all about living a life of influence, and unfortunately today it is the leaders who are the loudest who are often noticed. To watch and meet mothers, brothers, sisters and lovers who lay down their lives for something bigger than themselves and their own pursuits is so breathtaking.

Everyday life is was shapes leaders, not the upfront opportunities to shine. So here’s a toast to a group of 30 people, who have the potential to shape 5,000 lives.

Go hard or Go home, Live large!

All my love


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