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Place: Qantas Club

Poison: Berocca

Favourite Things: Bircher Museli
Last night we had a great party for Bryce, the amazing Green, saying farewell for a while but not forever and in the midst of the party atmosphere a felony occured.

1) Someone unknown went in my bedroom!

2) They commited a henious and intriguing crime.

A large fluffy teddy bear was taken from its normal surroundings, its home, from people who care for Him or Her the most and placed in my room.

My room is not a teddy bear friendly environment and CSI north perth began. We interviewed all the house guests and no-one owned up to this crime.

After much introspect and assumption, me and my crime fighting buddies have not been able to solve the crime.

So if you have any information please call crime stoppers on 1800AMANDACANTHANDLESURPRISES! or email via the email below…

It brings out my OCD…

(Sorry about the comments also, I had to disable them due to the ugliness of SPAM. Sorry those who have been trying to comment.)

On my way to melbourne for work, anyone who knows about the teddy bear crime contact me.




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