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Ali Cullen!

Place: My Office

Poison: Poison

Favourite Things: John Mayer on itunes

Flicking through some photos in search of inspiration and bang this photo turns up on my screen!


Okay before you get freaked out, this is a very funny moment. Ali Cullen and I at disneyland, trying to find something non sugar coated and we found these a big leg of turkey! Only in the U S of A…

So this is a quirky tribute to the amazing Ali Cullen, The States and all things large.

Ali, her husband Mark and their destined son Daniel, packed up their lives 5 months ago to go and live in LA and support, lead and encourage our new congregation there. From all the stories, reports and chats I am having, she is doing such an amazing job. Stepping up into all levels of leadership and doing whatever it takes to live large!

Ali, I think you are amazing, and I still think about those few days we spent together in Febuary and was completely blessed by Gods faithfulness.

Here’s a toast to doing whole lifetimes together, not just a few years and moving beyond the easy and superficial layers of friendship, to those that spread across oceans, time differences and made lovely through technology like the internet.

Ann, you and the fam will be so loved when you visit in June.

All my love and much thoughts of inspiration


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