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Inspiration from a slum

Place: Milkd (YAY!)

Poison: Long Black

Favourite Things: Miss Elly


Last night I was priveleged to have dinner with Ash and Ang Barker from UNOH (Urban Neighbours of Hope), who live and breath and inspire others in the slums of Bangkok, Khlong Toei.

I am so inspired by the way they live their life! We are taking a team of creatives up there in December this year, to help and serve in any way we can.

Jen my sister has started a costume drive, which excites me right down to my creative core. Ang has groups of teenagers and children who learn dancing, however when they perform their dances, she finds costumes from the slums, (most of which were created for prostitution!) and thats what the children perform in.

We are collecting these costumes and taking them up and teaching dance and drama to the children so they can express their creativity with dignity.

If you know anyone who has a room full of costumes in the back shed, if you know of anyone who would be up for sewing costumes, get them in touch with us and we want to donate these costumes to the children so they can dance with pride!



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