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Place: My mums

Poison: Green Tea

Favourite Things: Hot Water Bottles with yellow fluffy covers

After a month or so of craziness, it has been so lovely to just ‘be’ with my family.

I found a quote by John Ratey ‘It’s an addiction…some people cannot deal with downtime, quiet moments. Without it, we are in withdrawal.’

I really love downtime, however it is totally a choice to go there. I think times of rest enable us to cope with so much more.

The pace of society is so extreme, so to stop and ponder life, love and family needs to be extreme also.

I believe it is not the decisions made in the race of life that truly make a lasting impact, but those pondered in the quiet moments with a glass of red by the fire.

As I sat tonight I reflected on the substance of what I want my life to be made of, the substance and depth of my character. Although I get it wring so often its those times of thought and contemplation that steer the ship, not the quick moves of the wheel in times of high winds.

I so long to make a lasting impact.

God change anything that I may be focusing on, that is a waste of the preciousness of life.



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