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Place; Milkd

Poison: Water

Favourite Things: Green laptop case


Lately I have been thinking alot about ‘Capture: 30 days of inspiration’ and its sequel soon to be written, then published ‘Capture: 30 days of desperation’.

I received an email this week from Borders saying that they will take on Capture Australia wide, which Im so excited about.

Putting your creative work out there is always such a vunerable place of risk and I know that the rewards are never truly uncovered because its so seasonal and private. But I can honestly say that capture was such a stretch and even thinking about writing another one, seems so stupid! But I can’t let it go. I am consumed, I am inspired, I am desperate to see change in people’s perception of what they can do with whats in their hand.

Capture: 30 days of desperation, is all about reaching beyond what is circumstantial in your world and getting creative with your local community. It will be written 2 weeks in Thailand and 2 weeks in Australia. Juxtaposing the different cultures and the consumerism of Christmas and the desperation of two cultures to creativly live beyond what is circumstantial in the every day. Its about capturing justice, capturing culture, capturing humanity and capturing life at its rawest!

From the slums of Khlong toei Bangkok to the backstreets of Northbridge, the 12 days of Christmas are extended to late trading hours and uncovering the myths of creativity in the consumerism of the season.

Its unfolding, its being birthed, its on its way.

Any thoughts, love to hear your comments.

Desperate for change. Particularily in a world that is so full of desperation. Its bursting at its seems.

Have you noticed?


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