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getting crafty

Place: My Office

Poison: chicken and salad wrap

Favourite Things: My new craft book.

My lovely friend Brooke, brought me a very fancy, funky and inspiring book late last year and I havent really had the time as I have been travelling to get into it.


(that’s actually my desk…tea pot and all, no set up of photo here, literally 30 second shoot)

So this weekend I created space and got crafty!

Craft does not need to be like the embarassing toilet covers that my nanna makes with barbie doll heads on top. Craft can actually be very crafty, with people not even aware that it was put together with super glue in your back shed.

The book is called: MAKING STUFF- an alternative craft book. And its from America, but can be brought online.

So this weekend I made a cake stand, which cost me 30cents per plate and $1.60 for the sherry glasses, (I smashed one, so had to go back to the opshop and in the process got a parking fine for $90, which cracked me up because the cake stand now cost me around $90 something dollars, SMILE)


I also made a little coin purse out of a mans tie, then used the rest of it as a head band.

I found a frame at a op shop for a dollar, which I painted black and then glossed it. It looks hot.

So get crafty, IM INTO IT…..


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