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Place: My Office

Poison: A Plum

Favourite Things: The music festival that I can hear through my office window, good vibrations…nice…gotta love live music.


I have just come back from a fundraising meeting for the Riverview Children’s Foundation. Where they are empowering and inspiring community fundraisers to raise large amounts of money for projects that are linked with the foundation and I am so inspired.

People who are using their gifts for a purpose.

I had a small group of people, who are everyday people doing such amazing things. We came up with this concept of ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ products, so standby they will be out and about very soon.

Microenterprising amoungst the poor of the poor, brings honour, value and respect. When we use our resources to by from the slums of the world, we pour money back into their worlds, so they don’t feel like charity cases. I know I am simplifying this greatly…But rather than spending our money say on big name coffee, we can spend it on coffee that is giving back to the community. Like in Perth a company called ‘Five senses’ has done an amazing job of this.

Or if you are doing a t-shirt for your local footy club, or for your church, or to fundraise, go back to the people who are mostly doing the work, (often in asian countries, make sure they are child free labour), then pour our money back into these places.

Every person has the ability to take what is in their hands, and make a difference in anothers life.


(its a commandment)


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