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the martian child: be normal!!

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On the way from Sydney to Perth, I whooped with excitement that I was sitting on the front row of economy with no-one next to me, and a plane with individual movie screens, where you can choose your movie.

Yeah your feeling it, I know. Love those planes. Make all other planes now seem so flinstoneville. Tetris. What is that!! I know, I know.

Anyway, this post is supposed to be serious.

I watched a movie that moved me to the core ‘The martian child’. As random and sci fi as it sounds, it was so compelling.

A single father, adopts a child, who believes that he is a martian. This is so strange, yet so normal considering the levels of rejection this young child has faced.

How often do we respond to situations with a level of complexity, because it is the only way we know how.

The beauty of this movie, is this father, allowed this child to be himself and truly find out the normalcy in the expression of his past.

What is normal anyway?

I am so challenged by this notion right now. How often do we try to change people to try and fill our need for acceptance and try to make people fit the box of normal.

If we are all unique and if we are really honest with ourselves, then there is no normal. There is no status quo. There is no bar. The people who set it, are so unaware of their own complexity and their own level of plastic shaped normalcy.

BE NORMAL…what is that?

I cried so deeply for the hours I wasted as a child trying to be normal.

God I so hope one day I can have a child, or adopt one and have enough guts to empower them to be unique and transparent in the expression of who they truly are.


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