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random moments: part 1

Place: My Office

Poison: Long Black

Favourite Things: My shoes I brought with two left feet and Im still wearing them!

I thought I would start a new series of posts to freshen things up a bit.

Called…Random moments!

No very original I know, but totally amanda.

So I was on the computer for 1 hour on skype to one of my nearest and dearest who shifted to Los Angeles at the end of last year.

We are both okay with technology but definatley you wouldnt call us tech heads.

Anyway, I spent most of the time, trying to work out, how to get my new camera working that is on my skype.

We had her husband marcus looking at it, we discussed every way we thought we could get it working. But no avail.

In the last 5 minutes of our conversation I realised that the camera was not plugged in!


Nearly as random as my two left feet story.


I brought a pair of shoes from Kookai in paramatta, when I was in Sydney early this year. I wore the shoes for at least three days before I realised I was actually wearing two left feet.


Random Stories

Part One.


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