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my fridge!

Place: Royce Hotel Melbourne

Poison: Long Black

Favourite Things: this hotel, has been converted from a rolls royce showroom back in the day to a funky hotel, stanbby for some photos…



The last few weeks at home have been so beautiful, there is such a high level of connection between my friends and their hearts and purpose at the moment.

So here I am in melbourne, I love melbourne, but am so missing the people I do my everyday life with.

Its so bizarre, that I find myself in a lovely hotel, surrounded by amazing people, yet so missing my fridge at home covered in photos and momentos of the people I so love.

My fridge is a place of pleasure and pain, its a place where I go to get food, sometimes too often, yet as I do I love to create a memory board of those who are so special and important too me.

Memory boards and inspiration boards are amazing opportunities to visually remind you and inspire you to live a life dedicated to people.

There is a photo on my fridge of a party we had once only 8 people but it still goes down as one of the most memorable nights ever! We talk about it often, full of great food, amazing people, a sense of life and fun, dancing to hey hey you you get into my car, the cleaning at the end of the night even became an event.

I love people and hate people, just as I love my fridge sometimes and hate it.

Despite the pleasure and pain, create a place where memories are sustained. Bring life to them, they create the fabric of a beautiful life.

Missing much




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