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Place: Qantas club

Poison: savigion blanc

Favourite things: my boarding pass back to Perth.

The last few days in Melbourne have been amazing but also stretching. I have missed my own bed, my friends, my collegues, my work, my green tea cups and mostly my flatmate.

No big reason, except that I am a home body who is in love with her own bed and hanging her clothes in her own cupboard.

This morning I read every Melbourne newspaper in search of some more information about Burma. I am so moved by the plight of those who cant help themselves and frustrated by governments who are full of pride in their blocking of common sense in the midst of tragedy.

Although Thailand has my heart, Burma is its sister country and the photos being published currently about the diaster, are making me take a deep breath.

Imagine what it would be like to be surrounded by abject poverty, submitting yourself to a government who is controlling and short sighted, then to be dealt the blow of a natural disaster that has ripped open the already wounded.

I am so frustrated at our lack of ability to do anything to help.

As I write this I am reprimanding myself, knowing that I can help. I can go to the border this October when I go to Thailand and give, I can pray and give money to Aid agencies like World Vision who are at the moment doing anything they can to get in, I can make a commitment to watching how I spend my money on items in my everyday, so I can save and give when the borders are open.

100,000 dead.


perspective is gained.


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