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jodi picoult

Place: Milkd (yes I am back!!!!)

Poison: long Mac

Favourite Things: chick pea soup


Last month I went to a meet the author event with jodi picoult. I had never read any of her works, so I hurriedly went to the library, because I have a no book buying rule for 08′ (WHAT WAS I THINKING!)

Despite my book buying fast, I have been reading more than ever. I am reading what is on my bedside table, friends are lending books to moi (therefore I am reading what I would not normally read) and then serendipitously people are sending me book presents as they feel very, very sorry for me.

back to the topic of this post…

So, I have become a jodi picoult devotee, obsessee, raving lunatic, crazy woman…she was only one table from me.

Her books are fiction, but play around with really topical, dividing moral dilema’s and she manages to present them from many different points of view.

check out her books, go to the library and get them out.

If you have never read them, start. You will be hooked. Worse than caffine, worse than chocolate. Yes, I just said that.

I need to hurry back and read the one half open on my bed ‘Nineteen minutes’.

Am thinking of reviewing some books on here as well.

see ya


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