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the twins

Place: My Office

Poison: Long Black

Favourite Things: Aly and Marcus Passauer

I grew up with two mums. Recently I found these photos and they made me smile.

They are the most creative, crazy, beautiful, strong, capable women I know. They egg each other on.

They encourage, they inspire, they irritate, they are they!

I dont ring one, without the other yelling in the background.


They spend everyday together.

The level of intimacy they share is inspiring.

Nan & Pop.jpg

Here is my nan and pop and them. (I never met my pop, but he was the most amazing man)

The miracle of the twins though, is Nan and Pop were told they could never have children and they adopted because of this. Then 10 or so years later, and 2 other children, the twins arrived.

God totally uses these two mighty women, with great power.

They are in the process of setting up a soup kitchen for the homeless in their area.

They are amazing.

Who is your partner in crime?

Who is your go to person?

Who do you do life with?

Who strengthens you in the times of sadness?

My mum and eileen are each others who.


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