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on the nose

Place: qantas club

Poison: Diet coke

Favourite Things: new candle ‘mango and coconut’ from Ali cullen.

I recieved a lovely gift this time a week ago, a beautiful candle from LA… The smell is mango and coconut and every time I have set it alight this week, my memories go back to the short time I spent in Los Angeles last year.

Reading a magazine called ‘Creative’ this week, I was reminded of a truth I am so aware of, but so easily forget.

The power of smell.

When I was in the slums of Bangkok, the smell was so overwhelming and it created a lasting memory. This week walking into my friends house as a lamb roast was cooking it transported me immediatly to my family ritual of sunday roast. When I smell fish and chips, its friday. I smell an aftershave, my first love. I smell lavender my granma. I smell camphor, my nanna or maybe its rasberry slice that reminds me more of her.
Advertising executives are understanding more and more the importance of smell as a trigger point for marketing these days. Not only do people design and coordinate the atmosphere, the smell of a shop or an office is specifically designed to create a memory, a great feeling and a lasting impact.

Just a thought.

What smell-memory do people walk away from you with?

I am hoping that my frangrence is one that is full of positive recognition.

How easy is it for us to stink with the crap that plagues us, rather than come with a fresh scent of inspiration.



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