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my soul is not for sale!

Place: West End Deli

Poison: Long Black

Favourite Things: books. Any. all. words. words. words

Your soul is the one thing in our world that cannot be purchased on ebay! It comprises of the essential parts of YOU. Your true nature. Your constant companion. Your personality. You.

While it may be impossible to entirely understand your soul, commit to nourishing it or you will loose your way! Our soul needs to be developed, nutured and loved. As much as our physical being. If not more.

Aristotle said it this way…

‘to dwell on what is good, beautiful and true.’

The bible says

‘whatever is lovely, whatever is noble, whatever is true…think on these things.’

How do you cherish your soul?

What is it that feeds your soul?

for polly my flatmate…its fabric softener and white sheets hanging on the line

for my mum…its finding a new creative passion

for bonnie…its a new dress, apple mac computer and a black leather lounge

for me…sticky date pudding


Don’t allow anyone to make you believe that it can be for sale.

It cant


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