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101 things to do before I am old and boring

Place: My office

Poison: Long Black

Favourite Things: sex and the city

Carrie Brashaw from sex and the city has been inspiring me. (yes, a little naughty, but oh so year 2000)

Aside from the sex scenes!! Take or leave them…the series is actually really great.

Until the movie came out, I had never seen a series and now I am hooked.

I am especially inspired by her colomn to write more about my everyday.

So hopefully you have noticed more updates on my blog.

Anyways, a book I got out of the library recently is ‘101 things to do before you’re old and boring!’

Its fabulous!


Here they ARE!!! with someones comments written with them. (not mine…no I dont have a husband…)

Go wild.

1)  Send a Message in a Bottle:  Did this as a class project once; never got a response.
2)  Run up an Escalator the Wrong Way:  Did it, but only because I was in a hurry.
3)  Make an Origami Crane:  Too uncoordinated and impatient.
4)  Learn How to Tell When Someone Has a Crush on You (and When They Don’t):  Wish I’d had this list in high school.
5)  Keep a Dream Diary:  Still do this.
6)  Touch These Creatures:  No thank you; there’s no way touching a ginormous hairy spider will improve my life.
7)  Prepare Yourself for Fame:  I’ve been prepared for years; Fame is obviously avoiding me.
8)  Learn to Play an Instrument:  Wish I’d done this!
9)  Play a Computer Game to the End:  Done this too many times; undoubtedly this says something about my social life.
10) Have an Embarrassing Moment and Get Over It:  This is called life; happens all the time.
11) Get Your School Involved in a World Record Attempt:  So cool; wish I’d though of it.
12) Paint a Picture Good Enough to Hang on the Wall:  When stick people become the next big thing, I’ll be rich!
13) Learn to Whistle (and Make Other Noises):  Still not too good at this.
14) See a Ghost:  Yep, and I’m still recovering.
15) Fart and Burp:  I’m taking the fifth on this one.
16) Make a Swear Box:  Right now, my box is about as big as the Empire State Building.
17) Act in a Play:  Never have, but would like to.
18) Win Something:  Rarely, but it has happened.
19) Make a T-Shirt:  Still have the one I made in junior high.
20) Stay Up All Night:  I have kids; this was a normal routine for a long time.
21) Sleep All Day:  Again, I have kids; this just doesn’t happen.
22) Invent a Secret Code:  Not unless talking to an infant and my cat counts.
23)  Learn to Do a Card Trick:  Does fifty-two card pick-up count?
24) Grow Something from a Seed:  Several times; they usually end up dying anyway.
25) Start a Collection:  I collect angels; statues, figurines, pictures, etc.
26) Help Save the Planet:  I recycle.
27) Turn Back Time:  Been trying to do this since I passed age twenty-five.
28) Learn to Do a Party Trick:  Contrary to popular belief, I don’t think chugging is a party trick.
29) Climb to the Top of a Mountain:  Nope, but I’m open to someone carrying me to the top.
30) Make a One-Minute Movie:  No, but sounds like fun!
31) Host a Party:  Yes, but Tupperware Parties don’t count, either.
32) Visit…:  Never been outside the US, but have been to Arizona, Las Vegas, and Florida.
33) Learn to Bake a Cake:  Of course; that’s why Betty Crocker is so rich.
34) Hide a Treasure and Leave a Map for Friends to Find:  Done this with my kids; alas, no Johnny Depp at the end.
35) Learn How to Ask Someone out (and How to Dump Them):  Afraid my husband wouldn’t appreciate it.
36) Start Your Own Blog:  Several times.
37) Write Lyrics for a Song:  Yes; they sucked.
38) Make a Time Capsule:  No, but I want to.
39) Be a Genius:  Well, duh!  That’s a given!
40) Take Care of an Animal:  Yes, and we’re getting a new calico kitten, Callie, in two weeks!
41) Learn to Like These Foods:  I watch Iron Chef, so I would try just about anything.
42) April Fool Someone:  Not really; it just seems too mean.
43) Do Something Charitable:  I donate to the United Way regularly, as well as give blood to the American Red Cross.
44) Teach Your Grandparents Something New:  I don’t think they’d want to learn what I could teach them.
45) Invent a New Game:  For my children, all the time.
46) Go as Fast as You Can:  I’m pretty sure this is called speeding.
47) Make your Own Badges:  Yep; I’m Supreme Queen Genius of the Universe
48) Watch These Films:  Most of them!
49) Read These Books:  Most of them!
50) Pretend to Be Sick Convincingly:  This is how I missed most of my freshman year of high school.
51) Save Your Pocket Money for a Month and Spend it All at Once:  That takes self-control; I don’t have any.
52) Learn to Swim:  Yes; I taught myself.
53) Succeed at Something You’re Bad At:  Cleaning my house, although I’m not sure I’m really succeeding.
54) Be a Daredevil:  Except for my love of roller coasters, I’m not really into being wild and crazy.
55) Invent a New Trend:  Wearing sweats and a T-shirt 24/7 hasn’t really caught on yet.
56) Know Who Your Friends Are:  Sure do!
57) Plant a Tree (and Climb it When You’re Older):  Planted one, don’t climb them since I broke my arm doing that at age
58) Start a Band:  No, but I know if I did it would be called
“The Geniuses.”
59) Camp Out in the Backyard:  Several times.
60) Learn to Live Without Something You Love for a Week:  I’m not into self-punishment.
61) Join a Club:  I belong to several of them, both on- and off-line.
62) Cook a Meal:  Daily, although I don’t always want to.
63) List the Things Your Parents Say They’ll Tell You When You’re Older:  I wish I’d done that for blackmail purposes.
64) Make Your Bike or Skateboard Look Cool:  My bike was pink and gray, which was cool enough for me.
65) Learn to Juggle:  Too uncoordinated.
66) Have a Snowball Fight and Fun in the Snow:  Every winter.
67) Build the Ultimate Sandcastle and Have Fun in the Sun:  Every summer.
68) Take Part in a TV Show: No, but I was in a commercial once.
69) Make a Scene in a Public Place:  Thanks to my kids, this happens a lot.
70) Spend Christmas in Another Country:  No, and don’t want to; Christmas is for being with family.
71) Do Something Nice Without Being Asked:  All the time; it’s called being a mother.
72) See Your Music Idol Perform Live:  Not yet, but I’m still holding out hope.
73) Have a Sleepover:  They got me through my teenage years.
74) Become a Spy:  I’d tell you about it, but then I’d have to kill you.
75) Watch a Tadpole Grow into a Frog:  Do people really do this?
76) Learn to Say Useful Phrases in Other Languages:  I don’t think foreign curse words is what they mean.
77) Make Your Own Greeting Cards:  I’m cheap, so yes.
78) Hold a Yard Sale:  Just had one not too long ago.
79) Build an Igloo:  Not much use for an Igloo in Illinois.
80) Start Your Own Secret Society:  
“Geniuses Unite”; you have to be really not stupid to get in.
81) Research Your Family Tree:  I got too scared to finish.
82) Learn to Skip Stones:  Yep; just watch out for water fowl.
83) Dye Your Hair:  Heck yeah; I’m too young to be gray.
84) Lobby Your Local Congressman:  Several times, for all the good it did me.
85) Write a Story and Get it Published:  Twelve times, in fact.
86) Sing in Front of an Audience:  If karoake counts, then many, many times.
87) Learn to Use Long Words (and Drop Them Into Conversation):  How did you think I got A’s in high school?
88) Blame Someone Else:  Kids are good for lots of things.
89) Learn to Stick Up for Yourself:  Did this around age seventeen.
90) Get from A to B Using a Map:  I’m laughing too hard to answer this one.
91) Send a Valentine Card:  Still send them to my husband after ten years.
92) Have Your Own Plot in the Garden:  It’s there, but it’s dead.
93) Build Your Own Web Site:  Several times; you’re on one now.
94) See Your Name in Print:  Many times; not all of which I’m proud of.
95) Make a Unique Milkshake:  I’ll stick to Jamocha, thanks.
96) Glue Coins to the Floor:  Do you know what that would do to hardwood or vinyl??
97) Learn to Take Great Photos:  Sure, headless people are really in right now.
98) Drive Something:  Car, Limo, and does “driving people crazy” also count?
99) Be Vegetarian for a Week:  Sorry, but this gal is a carnivore through and through.
100)Meet Someone Famous:  I consider all the great authors I’ve met to be famous.
101)Decide What You Want to Be When You Grow Up:  Still working on this.

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