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Garage sale served with a side of chocolate cake…

Place: West End Deli

Poison: Long Mac

Favourite Things: the smell of spring coming

On saturday morning/ late friday night actually. A junk fairy came and littered our front garden with crap!

Handbags hanging from the tree, bangles landed on the fence, shoes fell into our neighbours yard. It was on…

77 carr street, is on its way out. Were moving.

With much sadness, grief and sentiment. We cleaned out what was no loner sentimental to us and had a Garage sale.


I wish I had come up with the idea a year earlier. What a joy it was to meet our neighbours and people close by.

Many people asked the awkward quetsion ‘How much is this?’ mostly our answer was ‘Free!’. It was so pleasurable to see their confusion.

We made a chocolate chip and coconut cake, which was so yummy and enjoyed most ravishingly by our 83 year old japanese neighbour who cannot speak much english at all. She did manage to commuincate though that later she would be back with beer.



An american backpacker found his way to our yard and left with a red scarf. One that was left by someone at one of our random parties. (sorry if it was yours!!)

Garage sales served with a slice of chocolate cake are a great remedy for disillusionment in the human heart to be truly real.


Meet your neighbours, find out who sleeps next to you!

It is medicine for the cynical soul.



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