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Place: My Office

Poison: Long Black

Favourite Things: One month exactly till I start writing my next book.


Okay it has hit me. I have been preparing and planning, researching and recording but only today has it hit me that it is one month exactly until I start the whole process again.

Capture 2, is more than a figment of my imagination it is actually happening.

One of my besties Kym is coming to Thailand with me to photo capture 30 days of desperation. We are on a mission and I am hoping it will actually work out.

This morning she sent me this email as an inspiration and I hope it inspires you also.

Prayers, thoughts and encouragement gladly received as this new adventure has come at a cost. A personal one. Not finanacial, as always it will be a financial stretch, but a lifestyle cost as a book consumes your mind, life and heart.

If its not all consuming I dont see how it can be birthed.

I never want to publish anything that is just done because its a good idea. I want to be burning with something to say.

If I am not burning, its just so not worth the cost.



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