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Camping and long weekends

Place: bed

Poison: toothpaste

Favourite things: the royal show next week.

Hot off the heels of a big event week, I am still trying to decide whether I should go camping with my family this long weekend or not. I know once I get there I will be so into it, yet the pain of packing, driving, the dirt and the like is always a little annoying.

Yet the organic echo of the bush is so rewarding.

Why do we settle when these little adventures are fabric in the quilt of our children’s memories?

My nieces and nephews are absolutely buzzing about aunty manda coming camping, yet I am all inspired out.

Talking to myself here “it’s a choice amanda, to choose a little pain for great reward.”

What is it that you are putting off?Regarding your family that will make such a difference in the lives of your most loved. A trip to the museum, the library, camping, booking time off for a family holiday, that family portrait gift certificate that sits unredeemed.

The pain is only ever short lived but brings opportunity for great reward!!!

I think I have just made the decision if I’m going camping this long weekend…



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