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MAMMA MIA! a guide to reinvention

Place: My Office

Poison: Long Black

Favourite Things: our team…

Well last nights hertime occasion was outstanding. The collective effort of so many women to put on something so breathtaking was an accomplishment.

From the 70’s table cloths embroidered by nameless women accross the ages, that found themselves in random op shops for me to snavel, to the 70’s inspired abba outfits. To the strong presentation of life, love and loss from the speakers, to the little old ladies serving the il gelato icecream desserts.

I love my church! I love my job (even when it hurts!) because I love the expression of individuality that comes together to express sisterhood and life lived in community.

Find a woman you love, find a hand to hold, grab some icecream and bring out the tea cups and your grannies best linen and celebrate being a woman.

Its liberating


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