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Surreal but nice

It’s surreal being back in the land of plenty (even though we had 4 glorious days to adjust in Hua Hin). We got robbed on my 2nd day home (some juvi kids stole the car and a laptop etc) but I found myself almost smiling with perspective this time round. We may get stuff stolen, but in the slums some kids are loosing their innocence as I type. Perspective always makes things more bearable, especially God’s perspective.

I’m sort of back at work today and don’t know where to start on the next BIG THING. The feeling of being a little overwhelmed is starting to be like a friend that pays regular visits. After all, God always equips us enough for the tasks ahead. Oh boy… here we go! Excited and nervous at the same time – you know the feeling?!

So here’s a little picture for perspective and to celebrate the things ahead… when you feel overwhelmed – God’s got his hands all over it! Love it!

Thanks Elaine for your brilliant wisdom and AMPy for sharing it… you women are inspiring and amazing!!

x Kym

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