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the hard work begins

Place: my office, yeah!

Poison: chicken soup

Favourite Things: My scarf from carol.

Now the hard work begins. The book is written, but for me that is the easy bit. Its the discipline and the dedication to see the project through.

I was thinking out loud, with one of my nearest and dearest Elaine today over email, about where too from here and her email reply to me was so gold, that I thought I would share it with you…

So on the train this evening as I travel to visit my family, for family night I will be answering these questions myself.

Thanks elaine, for your inspiration. You are amazing.

  • Is what you are writing new revelation needed to be shared?
  • Has God put the message inside you to express for others? Are they asking for it?
  • If you only had limited time in your life left would you still write that book?
  • Are you in an inspired writing space where stuff is flowing?
  • So here is the tough answers that need to be contemplated.

    If you are procrastinating on a project, how about answering these questions yourself.



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