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Train shaped journeys

Place: train station

Poison: long mac

Favourite things: Perth

It has been one week since I have arrived home and it’s only today it’s really hitting me. Walking through the city watching the merchandising gear up for a desperate Christmas I am so saddened by the lie that presents and stuff promises happiness.

How do we move away from the consumerism that we are surrounded by?

It doesn’t mean that presents are bad, it’s just the obsession with high expectations that jams me.

How about if no one expected any presents this Christmas, and when u get something, anything it was a surprise even if it was a card, a homemade soap, anything?

I have made a new commitment to catching the train, for the environment, for my pocket, for my peace of mind…

Anyways, just thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Train shaped journeys

  1. ur catching the train? … WOW i am impressed!

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