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Place: church

Poison: water

Favourite things: new pen and catching up with old friends.

Phil is speaking on inspiration right now and I am challenged.

I started on this journey of writing and blogging to live beyond myself and hopefully live a life of inspiration, but it is so easy to loose sight of the reason you start something, in the daily grind of actually doing it.

This week I met someone who was really impacted by capture one, and I wasn’t ego thrilled at that, but I was inspired about this new project and was reminded about who I was writing for…

Not myself.

When you create something for someone beyond yourself, I believe you find the source of inspiration. I believe you forget your cause in the midst of the programs, structures, admin and the stuff!!

I long to live inspired…

Do you?

Imagine those around you who might live inspired because of your fervour.



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