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Place: farrels

Poison: long mac

Favourite thing: my kym Rolle special bracelet.

As I wait for the black coffee club to arrive I am thinking about this weekend and what it’s truly about. Church together is a big gathering of thousands of people in our city, it’s about peace, truth, kindness, love, grace, cameraderie, doing life together.

That’s what church is.

I am so surprised often how peole get it so wrong. People think church is about their agenda, their events, their programs. This makes me laugh so much, because it is so human.

We get so consumed with doing that we forget the point is just to be…

Together that is.

The other thing I find so often is people who don’t like the gathering of gods people because of the humanity they find there. The sin, the brokenness, the crazy ideas, the corny attempt at expressing ourselves… Yep that is the church.

What excites me. That the leaders of our city have the balls to lay it all aside for one night and look beyond mission statements, vision boards, annual goals, org charts and gather as one church, not one denomination, one style, one expression, one idea.

185 churches closing down their big ideas for the ultimate one…

Ahhhh now that is a fresh sound.


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