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It’s starting to look a lot like christmas

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Poison: christmas liquer

Favourite Things: Shawn Macdonald

The last month has been quite full on. Finding it hard to express what has been happening but life just continues on. The good and the bad. That’s the shades of life.

I am however inspired by Christmas and the opportunity I have to spend time with family and friends.

I hate consumerism and materialism, but I love the opportunity this season creates for quality time and life to be shared.

In the midst of so much tragedy, its so good to breathe in the respect and honor that my family thrives on.

Over Christmas and New Year I have some time off and am looking forward to blogging more and generally slowing the pace down.

Tomorrow is the GTC annual cookie bake off and I can honestly say even that is not helping me smile. Tomorrow will be another day and another story.

My dad was in Mumbai for the recent terrorist attacks and it brought home the reason why family was created and truly what the real meaning of Christmas is…

Get out of the consumerism flow this Christmas and find your own path.

Hopefully one full of family, friends and joy.

My true prayer this Christmas is ‘Peace on Earth’


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