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On the edge of expectation…

Place: church

Poison: grapes

Favourite things: nearly time for a new moleskin diary!!!

Joy is the theme of church this weekend and I am being slammed.

A quote that just jammed me is…

‘as Christians we should be tiptoed on the edge of expectation’

This has always been one of my catch cries yet I have allowed recent craziness to take the edge away from my expectation…

Boring and Christ just should not co-exsist, however how many Christians live with beige as their best friend.

I simply cannot believe in a God who does not dance!

It’s the bright field of tulips, designed for no other reason than enjoyment.

This Christmas find some joy!

Dance with someone in your pjs in the lounge room on a Wednesday night!

Joy to the world.

For the jaded out there, laugh a little…


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