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The eve

Place: 6168 shopping centre

Poison: a bad latte

Favourite things: banana bread

I am sitting here in the locality of 6168 watching people rush from store to store, fights between spouses bubbling, children doing everything to be good with the taunts of santa whispering in their ears.

With my earphones in (playing jazzed up carols of course!)

I feel so seperated from the malay. Not in a prideful way, just a voyuer looking in wondering why?

If there was no birth of a Saviour, would it really matter to the throngs of consumers? Is CHRISTmas, truly about celebrating a unlikely King. Even carols haunt the shopping aisles asking for a response to the silent night, but no avail more Santa hats, alcohol and turkeys are brought…

No matter how fast you walk, how many presents are consumed, Christ still is the core reason for this time of celebration and the echoing of his worship will resound in heaven for eternity.

I take time to honour you Jesus, in the midst of all this chaos.

Come let us adore Him…
Merry CHRISTmas to anyone found on this blog at this time.

Beleiving that 2009 will be so much better for one and all.


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