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in search of the christmas light…

Place: Rockingham

Poison: water

Favourite Things: My family

This keyboard is attrocious, so stand by for a short post and lots of mistakes.

We spent this evening in the search of the best Christmas lights display. The most noblest of Christmas causes for a seven year old.

Our family was in its finest, with rugs, children and many cars in tow. We drove the perimeter of our home town, searching and ooing and ahhhing at the lengths people had gone to express their Christmas flare.

Now I am not a huge fan of Consumerism, or the frenzy that is biting our bank balances at this time of year.

But I am in no means a BA humbug either.

To spend time with my neices and nephews, to walk hand in hand with my granma, whilst my mum hobbled behind wrapped in a sleeping bag, was worth every light globe disaster, these houses had battled to get their displays just right!

Traditions are formed through repetition and memories are made through magnificent moments. Christmas is the perfect time to ignite both.

Search for the light, in the midst of much darkness.


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