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Friends afar

Place: home

Poison: cappucino

Favourite Things: tracky pants

This morning I made a date, I went to my local cafe and had a 45 minute catch up on the phone, with the lovely Hayley.

I have many friends who live so far away and it’s so easy for our lives to just move apart, getting stuck in the everyday. Yet intentionality is the safeguard for entropy.

I made an appointment and grabbed my phone, ordered poached eggs on toast and you would have thought Hayley was sitting opposite me in my mt Claremont haunt…

If your season changes and your friend travel afar, do everything you can in this frantic world to be intentional about your catch ups.

Our green tea cup club over the last couple of years had allowed the craziness of the week to crowd out our regular catch ups. So this year we planned the year out and intentionalised our catch ups, so we are able to stay connected.

Intentionalise your friendships, it will rock your world.