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Place: lounge room

Poison: chewies

Favourite things: lavender essential oil…

It’s been such a great day off, but…

I’m bored!

It’s not very often that that sentance escapes my mouth, but it’s true. I’m very very very very bored.

I have had a bath, contemplated cooking, text a few friends, read my latest book from the library, snacked on random happenings in the fridge.

Still boredom haunts me.

I have come out of a super crazy season and put myself on a 6 month travel fast. I am determined to find health and happiness in the random everyday occurances.

Am I addicted to adrenaline? Maybe… Am I addicted to inspiration and drama? Possibly…

What is the line between achievement and restfulness? What is the boundary that deliniates driveness and contentment?

Boredom has the capacity to annoy or restore… My choice today is restoration, to ponder the space of boredom, to think, create and conspire with no real goal or achievement.

The consumerism of our day has created a guilt complex amoungst the people, resulting in the inability to rest and recreate.

Boredom is not necessarily a bad thing…

I hope…