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Place: lounge room

Poison: chocolate

Favourite things: Corina

Today as I was driving, I was getting so frustrated with the traffic and it was a Saturday!

Traffic can be so intense, with unexpected frustrations and inconviences.

One way I have created a sensory distraction in my car, is a big pot of a really strong smelling hand cream. When I am stuck in traffic or at some lights I rub this cream on my hands and remind myself that this time in the car is actually a privilege.

So many others would do anything just to be in a car net alone own it!

Find a way to distract yourself or remind yourself of the priveleges we take for granted.

Something as simple as a strong smell has the ability to create new memories that remind us every time we smell them of it’s predecessor.

A beautiful hand cream can become your new best friend.

Divine driving frustrations…