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Place: the leather lounge upstairs

Poison: toothpaste

Favourite things: new trackie pants

This evening one of my teeth broke and at first I was completely freaked out! Oh no, I should have done this, I should have done that… You know that familiar sound of regret that swirls around the drainhole of your mind.

In the midst of this malay, I was reminded of a message I presented last weekend about contemplation and what was the tenure of my mind.

We cannot live with regret and the soundtrack of our minds, greatly impacts the everyday circumstance of our reality.

I want to create space to listen to the voice of reason and inspiration rather than that of negativity and decay.

No matter the circumatance, the podcast that your mind syncs with either brings health or disease.

Contemplate the best. Sync your thoughts with a sound track underscored with wisdom.

Besides really, how bad can one dentist visit truly be?