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Food Waste

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Lately I have been really intrigued by the dumpster diving craze (oprah, sbs doco, EPYC perth) and have also been really reminded about food waste and how we can be more creative with our meals and food, so we are not wasting food. Also I have been really challenged to cut down my food miles and buy local to support the local economy.

So firstly to do that I have been buying my food and meat direct from farmers markets and also straight from the growers. The two that I go two are Mt claremont famers market every saturday at Mt claremont primary school and the spud shed in Rockingham when I visit my mum and dad. I love the vibe and the ideas you get when buying farmer direct, you get more in season and can create your menu with a seasonal flare.

Secondly lowering our food waste is also really important and here are some to get you creatively started:

  1. When grocery shopping, plan your meals for the week and write a list to ensure you only buy what you need.
  2. Keep a magnetic whiteboard on the fridge to keep note of the produce inside.
  3. Herbs and salad mixes go off quickly in the fridge, growing your own will not only stop food waste but also save on food miles.
  4. Be storage savvy – foods that are stored correctly will increase their longevity.
  5. Find recipes for cooking leftovers or freeze foods to use at a later date.

Limit your food waste. It truly will change the way you think about food forever.