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creativity in the midst of chaos (family night)

Place: My Desk

Poison: remnants of home made lasagna

Favourite Things: A suitcase half packed.

I took my lovely friend Brooke down to family night tonight and I am not sure whether it was the storm brewing or the fact that the family are going to Bali tomorrow but it was utter, but glorious chaos.

There were children, two in fact who were so excited that they pee’d their pants in the lounge room, jen had a mishap and ended up in hospital, I left my purse behind, a pregancy was announced, my mum was getting her hair dyed and it was a cacophony of inspiration.

My family is so wild, but so loving. As I reflected on the chaotic symphony of normalcy with my friend on the way home, I realised why I love it so much and why I am so inspired by it all, because it is authentic. Its real, no one is pretending to be anything that they are. When the kids pee their pants because they are so excited about the craziness, they just get delivered to the bathroom and loved with big loves.

When Jen went to hospital everyone was so concerned, but the night just swirled on with delight and lots of dancing.

Having the capacity to find creativity in the midst of chaos, is breathtaking. All you need to do is slow down reflect and then jump on the bandwagon.

Thanks Brooke, for being a part of the chaos.

Family night is an institution that you have now been formally and chaotically introduced too.