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enjoying the little things

Place: Qantas Club

Poison: cheese

Favorite Things: UNOH members and its vision

Well, I took my own advice and had 20 days of no phone, no internet, no facebook, no twitter, no email and I lounged with and loved the people of Bali.

My family and I spent a well deserved break in Bali and many massages and long walks later I feel so recharged and renewed and feel so excited about the future and its possibilities.

I have spent the last day or so in Melbourne at a Board meeting for the non for profit group UNOH, which is the acronym for Urban Neighbours of Hope. They spend their life living with and ministering too the poorest of the poor in Slums and tough areas around Australia and overseas.

The people I have encountered in the last couple of days are an absolute delight!

Life is so much richer when we partner with those who are truly making an impact in this world.

I am on my way to Sydney to speak in Nowra. I have never been there before and am speaking on the topic ‘Capturing your now’.

About living in the moment and capturing the inspiration that is available to each and everyone of us NOW.

Looking forward to meeting new friends.

Ps- left my laptop at the Board meeting and I was at the airport, so my laptop had to take a trip in a taxi by itself. Woops! some things never change.

Anyways, later