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New earrings, new Friends and lots of thinking

Place: my car

Poison: perfume

Favourite things: lemon tart I baked sitting next to me…

This has been a strange but lovely week. I made a new friend, whom I am very sure we will get to know alot more of one another in the future. She brought me six pairs of new earrings and I can’t wait to mix it up and decorate my ears with them.

Gifts exchanged, life stories noted, similarities and differences. Open hearts and homes into each others lives, to uncover rich wisdom within the tales of our pasts.

This week also I found leadership difficult, een questioned whether I am up for the stretch and the confusion.

The only thing I can make from it however is that I need to let go of the past and move forward into the future. Life as we know it in a leadership context is so difficult and different right now, but every trial has the capacity to bring change and beauty. Lessons and wisdom. Stretching and questions.

Relationship and growth I believe are true measures of success, so I suppose even though this week has confused me, if I base it on that measure, it was a pretty great one!