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Long lazy Saturdays and dinners with friends

Place: giardinis

Poison: latte

Favourite things: peacock feather earrings

I am quite early to a dinner with Friends in leederville and I’m excited because life is quite calm right now despite the circumstances.

We find ourselves as a friendship group and staff without a boss right now, as he had some complications with brain surgery 6 weeks ago and the road to recovery is going to be quite laborious.

The crazy thing is though we are taking it step by step and the truth is in the hard times often that is when the best in people comes out.

Of course we wouldn’t have wanted this to happen to our grey friend, but in the midst of it our friendships and working relationships have grown and grown.

As a leadership team we have fleshed out so many conversations on vision and it’s not until our leader who carries the heart with most passion is unavailable that we have had to dig deep and discover it for ourselves.

It is true that tragedy can end in triumph and trial does lead to great victory.

As we sit together tonight and celebrate one another, my prayer is that we would realize just how special our relationships are.

So beyond a work connection, deep connections where we are doing life together in the very hard times and also the amazing over the top successful and happy times.

Wherever you find yourself, in tough times or fantastic ones…celebrate those walking with you. A toast, a letter or even a simple smile. Life is way to short to loose sight of the simple things…

You never know what tomorrow may bring…