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Place: boucla

Poison: skinny latte

Favourite things: lemon scented candles

I have walked into a cafe that is everything I have always wanted to create in a house.

Home cooked, extravagent cakes, meals, delights…a black and white photo wall of family and friends from Europe and the Mediterranean isles. Mixed origin wooden furniture, every scratch and scrape denoting another tale of it’s sordid history…the morroceon lamps that hang, candles on every table even though it’s only ten am…

Dark, moody…leather…fresh fruit…Turkish delights homemade…

Wooden shelves full of books and knick knacks…a fireplace complete with blue and white hand painted tiles.

Wooden floor boards that are obviously original, need I go on!

New is not necessarily better, in a world that is obsessed with creating more, sometimes re-creating the old is even better…

Raid your granmas back shed. Give ikea the flick and re-create an atmosphere that celebrates life rather than spending!