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sunday suppers

Place: The Lounge Room

Poison: yummy stew with carrot and pumpkin puree

Favourite Things: Jazz and candles

I have been travelling and stressing so much recently that I have lost my love of late night suppers.

My besty Bonnie sent me this blog…

I am hanging to have people over for dinner and hangtime, chilling out with good music, wine and food.

Celebrating little moments, celebrating life and just finding space to chat is so needed in our worlds that whirl and spin, out of control.

My granma has recently started a mosaics class at the blind society at the ripe young age of 87, (reminding me that your never to old to start something new). Jen and I met her after her class this week and sat an ate a sandwich together, escaping the stress found in the walls of our office and yesterday my brother popped by our offices and Jen (my sister) and I sat and had a cup of coffee.

How come we think that suppers, coffee and lunch dates are unimportant, yet these times of communication and simply being are imperative.

I love the fact that Jesus spent more time cooking and eating with the twelve disciples than he did singing and attending church meetings.

Food for thought

wanna come over for supper? Invite in the mail soon.