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poison: skinny latte

Favourite things: my notebooks

Today I am struck by mercy. The concept that we would extend mercy to others and the fact that mercy is often extended to us.

We can become so consumed with ourselves in our pursuit of righteousness that we loose sight of the fact that every person deserves mercy and the capacity to fail, fail again and the fail better.

I am so aware of my failings at the moment and so in need of an extension of mercy, however it’s just so difficult to stay I’m the place of humility to accept it.

I so often strive because I want to make things right, but often right is not the goal, it’s the capacity to see others through a rose coloured glass and love despite weakness and brokeness and decay.

In my pursuit of creativity and living a large life, I am my own worse critic but so often that comes out in the way I judge others.

Break me down with mercy I pray.

Help me find beauty in the breakthrough.

Perfectionism is a concept created by man, who wants to believe that in his independece he can be more than he truly is. (man being mankind)

Help me remember that nothing aside from the divine is perfect and there truly is beauty in the breakdown.

Help me find mercy…