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Place: Bed

Poison: Water

Favourite things: annoying my flatmate

Water: yes

Coke zero: no

Walk: yes and some extra stair excercise shifting boxes ready for the big move

I shifted boxes up and down the stairs in my house today as I prepare for the big shift next week. After going for a beautiful walk down the beach, I packed and ran up and down the stairs until I was sweating alot.

It wasnt until I stopped that the adrenilin kicked in and I realised how amazing excercise is to get the endorphines racing. I am so in adrenilin mode and Im loving it.

One week of intential excercise, water drinking and eating well is definatley paying off dividends of a lot more energy.

I am feeling more alive and focused. The adrenilin can be addictive and Im so glad that I am craving that more than chemical induced caffine drinks.

This is starting to look like a great phase that might be extended beyond one month. I wonder if I could do it for a year…

Who knows, the power of adreninlin.

Love it


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