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Place: boucla

Poison: long mac

Favourite things: creative Mondays

Walk: not yet it’s walking, but rain hail or shine this arvo were on!

water: started strong

Coke zero: I don’t think I have had this long in my adultlife without a diet coke product. Yay for me!

I’m sitting here in my favourite cafe and it feels like home. This time next week I will have to say goodbye to our weekly secret meetings. I feel like I am undercover here, in some middle eastern town out the back of Greece.

The home made cakes keep coming out of the kitchen, the candle lit breakfast menu and the random furntiture all make
Me feel like home.

As I have been preparing to shift I’ve had many people give me opinions on how I should deck out my new flat, but I have come to the realization that if I want it to feel like home, it needs to be full of that which I love.

I have tried to pare back and go as beach/ scandenavian as possible, but the truth is that’s just not me.

So I’m determined that my little beach shack will reflect all the character which makes me me. If it never makes it to a design magazine, or make people feel light and breezy when they visit. I no longer care, because there is nothing like feeling like your home…


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